Building a team that excels at its mandate

Company culture and team dynamics can make or break a business.  As a business leader, how do you create a highly productive, collaborative and healthy work environment for your workforce?  How do you attract and maintain the right team members?  How do you create missionaries as opposed to “mercenaries” in your company (especially in today’s highly competitive job market).

This 1-day highly-interactive training program will address how to develop a business in which team members are willing to give you their all.

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Course Price GHS 500.00

Course Description

At the end of this training program, participants will be expected to:

  • appreciate the importance of emotional intelligence
  • understand how company culture is formed
  • understand how to create high morale among the ranks
  • know what it takes to create a highly productive but healthy work environment
  • have a firm grasp on how to retain your best talent

Who should attend?

  • entrepreneurs and business owners
  • department heads
  • HR managers and associates
  • managers (of personnel)
  • business development professionals looking to support SMEs



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Course Details

Course type PAID
Course duration (days) 1 Day
Number of hours per day 6 Hrs
Course location ServLed, East Legon Days