SME taxes demystified

You have started your business or in the process of starting one, but are currently overwhelmed with the many tax rules.  What applies to you and what doesn’t?  This highly interactive 2-hour training program provides a very indepth but easy to understand overview of the various taxes business are liable for.

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Course Price GHS 350.00

Course Description

At the end of this 2-hour training session, participants are expected to understand:

  • what taxes their business need to register for (and pay) based on their business types
  • the frequency and payment deadlines (and implications of breach)
  • any tax relief provided for their respective industries
  • introductory insights into structuring their businesses well to minimize unnecessary tax liability
  • the benefits of tax compliance especially when it comes to raising capital
  • where to go to get affordable tax advise and help

Who should attend?

  • aspiring and first-time entrepreneurs
  • existing business owners looking to correct corporate structural deficiencies introduced earler on in the business
  • consultants and business development professionals looking to provide support for SMEs and startups in Ghana.


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Course Details

Course type PAID
Course duration (days) 1 Day
Number of hours per day 2 Hrs
Course location ServLed, East Legon