Is Social Media Marketing Relevant?

Social media advertising is very relevant, and increasingly, both small and large corporations or businesses are adopting this method of advertising. Here are 3 reasons why it’s so important: 1. It helps raise some awareness or visibility for your brands, products or services. 2. Targeting is more specific as social media can be used to Read more about Is Social Media Marketing Relevant?[…]

What skills do you need to succeed at selling?

Petra Asamoah, Managing Director of 3Fm has the following tips for aspiring salesmen: 1. Ability to ask great questions You can’t assume you know what a customer wants. Ask, ask and ask some more questions. 1B. Listen – don’t spend all the time with a customer talking about your product, listen. Listen to what their needs. Read more about What skills do you need to succeed at selling?[…]

What to look out for when hiring a sales team

What to look out for when hiring a sales team There are assessment tools that help when recruiting for sales roles. These are great for ensuring you get the right people with the right characteristics. Here are a few useful tips for recruiting without assessment tools. A good salesperson must be motivated by financial rewards and Read more about What to look out for when hiring a sales team[…]

When does marketing hurt your business?

Most startups these days covet exposure and media coverage, as this has many perks – from branding and referral traffic to SEO. But can this harm a startup, especially if the timing is not right? Here are some thoughts from some of Ghana’s rising experts and entrepreneurs. “Untimely exposure and marketing can be detrimental to the growth of a Read more about When does marketing hurt your business?[…]

How to sell your product or service

If it is true that in life nothing happens unless something is sold, then that makes sales one of the most critical skills every person should have especially as a business person, or what do you think?  In business, there are two types of products to be sold: tangible products (products you can see, touch, Read more about How to sell your product or service[…]

3 reasons why you need a marketing strategy

Having a marketing strategy is vital for every business. It involves identifying who the target market for your product is (for instance adult male, teens, etc) and segmenting them into groups according to their needs using characteristics such as geographical location, demographic factors (age, gender, social class, occupation etc) or psycho-graphic factors (values, beliefs, culture Read more about 3 reasons why you need a marketing strategy[…]

3 negotiation skills to master

Negotiation skills, like the ability to sell, must be mastered by all successful professionals.  In all spheres of live, we are constantly negotiating with or selling to others (whether it is with our spouse, children, co-workers, bosses, clients etc).  A lot has been written about negotiation skills in recent times, but I find the following Read more about 3 negotiation skills to master[…]