January 7, 2017

Portfolio Companies


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Becoming a ServLed portfolio company

Finding the right teams, working on the right opportunities to invest in is extremely difficult.  That makes our group of portfolio founders a special breed.  Selecting the right early stage businesses to invest in requires extensive and sometimes costly due-diligence.  That does not always guarantee that the right picks will be made.  Some of the major issues we’ve had to deal with over the year are:

  • integrity of founders
  • problems with focus
  • lack of resilience
  • unwillingness to learn or be mentored and coached

It takes us these days an average of a year from the point of engagement to make a decision on whether to bring in an early stage business or a group of founders into our portfolio.  This gives us the opportunity to put them through some of our other programs to monitor how they operate and to really get to know them.   It also gives our community the chance to conduct the required diligence on them.

What are the benefits of being an investee company of ServLed

Being an investee company of ServLed means that you get the needed support to grow your business.  ServLed provides the early stage businesses access to seed and/or series A investment, management support, access to market (and extensive network), business development support and many more in exchange for a significant minority equity position in the companies.

ServLed’s portfolio is a family, a supportive network of progressive founders who are working on exciting companies and impacting society immensely whiles doing so.

Still interested in joining our portfolio? Find out how

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