January 7, 2017

Investment readiness program

ServLed’s  investment readiness program is being developed to provide sustainable, healthy, investment pipelines for private equity funds focused on early stage investments.  The Program officially launches in Ghana in the first quarter of 2017 and at its peak is expected to train 140 SMEs across 4 regional capitals  (Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale) each year.

The program’s target will be to get at least 20 SMEs from each annual cohort to receive funding from partnering banks and investors.  

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The investment readiness program takes key management staff of the selected small and growing businesses through 80 contact hours of relevant capacity building over a 6-month period.  The program is offered in partnership with key business development and services providers who are active in the respective markets.

This program provides the following benefits:

Benefit for the SMEs

Key benefits for SMEs:

  • improve chances of securing investment at favorable valuations (or rates)
  • position company to attain long-term sustainable growth
  • equip management team to build globally competitive businesses

SMEs in the following market segments: Agribusiness, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing (light) and Technology enabled businesses (especially fintech) are encouraged to apply.

We generally look for early stage businesses:

  • in at least their second year of operation
  • with at least USD 100K (or its Ghana Cedi equivalent) in annual revenue
  •  committed to conducting business ethically
  • focused on creating impact (either directly through service provision or via job creation

Interested in joining the next cohort?  Kindly sign up here

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Benefit for the investors

Key benefits for investors who focus on early stage businesses:

  • provide a healthy and reliable pipeline of investment ready SMEs
  • reduce the prohibitive cost of conducting due-diligence
  • ensure quality investment portfolio

Interested in being a beneficiary investor of this program?  Kindly contact us via info@servled.com to get more details on how to join the program.

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Benefits for partnering service providers and banks

Key value to partnering organizations (agencies, banks and corporate bodies):

  • build a healthy clientele pipeline of growing businesses
  • establish credibility within the SME space

Find out how you can partner to provide support for this program.  Please contact us via info@servled.com

For partnering development agencies

  • access to a well-designed program by an organization with track record to help achieve development objectives
  • successful execution of social impact/impact investing agenda in target markets
  • access to an extensive database of well-groomed SMEs (and program related data)

Contact us via info@servled.com to find out how you can partner us on this exciting program.

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Our impact

We believe that commercial interventions can provide sustainable social impact.

The primary impact we expect to deliver for these interventions:

  • Job creation
  • Improvement of trade deficit
  • Increased provision of essential and basic services

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