January 13, 2017

Mentors and supporters

Since its inception in 2013, ServLed’s programs have attracted one of the most impressive network of African business leaders.

List of our mentors, ServLed Friday speakers, supporters and partners
1. Tony Oteng-GyasiFounder and CEO, Tropical Cable and Metal Works (ServLed Friday Speaker and ServLed Supporter)
2. Frank AduCEO, Cal Bank (ServLed Friday Speaker)
3. Pakwo ShumFounder and CEO, Aviation Alliance Ltd (ServLed Friday Speaker and ServLed Supporter)
4. Kimathi KuenyehiaManaging Partner, Kimathi and Partners (ServLed Friday Speaker and ServLed Supporter)
5. David Ofosu-Dorte, Founder and Executive Chairman, AB & David Law (ServLed Friday Speaker, Past Business Class Facilitator and ServLed Supporter)
6. Kwasi Twum, Founder and CEO, Multimedia Group (ServLed Friday Speaker)
7. Kojo Bentsi-Enchill, Founder and Senior Partner, Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa, Ankomah (ServLed Friday Speaker)
8. Ellen Hagan, Founder and CEO, L’aine Services Ltd (ServLed Friday Speaker and ServLed Supporter)
9. Patrick Awuah, Co-founder and President, Ashesi University (ServLed Friday Speaker)
10. Edward Effah, Co-founder and Group CEO, Fidelity Bank (ServLed Friday)
11. Kofi Fynn, Co-founder and CEO, Petra Trust (ServLed Friday Speaker and Servled Supporter)
12. Constance Swaniker, Founder and CEO, Accents and Arts (ServLed Friday Speaker)
13. Jerry Parkes, Co-founder and Managing Principal, Injaro Investments (Past Business Class Facilitator)
14. Elikem Kuenyehia, Chairman, ENSAfrica (Past Business Class Facilitator and ServLed Supporter)
15. Nii Ampa-Sowa, Chief Investment Officer, Databank Group (Past Business Class Facilitator)
16. Kofi Kwakwa, CEO, Sagevest Investment Holding (ServLed Friday Speaker)
17. Naana Fynn, Director, Sagevest Investment Holding (Past Business Class Facilitator and ServLed Supporter)
18. Anthony Siaw, Partner, IBC Equity Partner (Past Business Class Facilitator and ServLed Friday Speaker)
19. Isabel Boaten, Managing Partner, AB & David Law (Past Business Class Facilitator)
20. Kofi Asomaning, Managing Director, West Africa – Capri Africa (Past Business Class Facilitator)
21. Ken Ashigbey, Managing Director, Graphic Communications (ServLed Friday Speaker)
22. Ayesha Bedwei, Partner, PWC (ServLed Friday Speaker and Past Business Class Facilitator)
23. Coby Asmah, Founder and CEO, Type (ServLed Friday Speaker)
24. Magaret Takyi-Micah, Founder and CEO, Nest of Ideas Consulting Ltd (ServLed Friday Speaker and Business Class Facilitator)
25. Kenneth Thompson, CEO, Dalex Finance Limited (ServLed Friday Speaker)
26. Michael Akafia, Vice President and Head of Legal, Goldfields West Africa (ServLed Friday Speaker)