End of year strategy session – Investees complete year on a high note

ServLed’s portfolio company gathered at the Hephzibah Christian Center for a two-day retreat.  The period was used to:

  • review 2016 performance against targets
  • review the plan of each investee company for 2017

This session was a major improvement over last year’s session, with all portfolio companies coming in adequately prepared for both session.  Five out of the six portfolio companies made it to the retreat this year.

Overall, the portfolio grew year-on-year in revenue by over 80%, an exciting achievement for the program.  The plans presented suggests that even without the addition of new portfolio entrants for the 2017, we could double year-on-year revenue at the end of 2017.

Congratulations to all our hardworking investee companies and we pray a successful 2017.