Top basic management skills all founding CEOs must have

Once again, this is a difficult topic to address because of the varying views across different camps.  Having worked with both successful and not too successful entrepreneurs, there are a couple of common traits that stands out.  This is not exclusive.  I would love to hear from you on this topic as well.

1. Ability to connect the key dots

There are a lot of success factors entrepreneurs/founders must be aware of when starting a business.  Yes, you want to change the world and are bullish about it, but you must understand how both internal and external conditions either help you to achieve that goal or not.  These include how market conditions/trends, national and international policies, competition and other factors affect your strategy and its eventual execution.

2. Excellent resource management

To effectively succeed at any venture, you must master how to effectively manage your cash and talent.   Your ability to connect the dots helps you find the right people, but you must be able to manage these very talented people.  You must also ensure that the bloodline of your business (cash) never runs dry (else your business dies).  At an early stage in the business, these cannot be delegated.

3. Exceptional at selling

You will always be the Head of Sales in your business.  No one can sell your business as well as you can.  If you are the visionary, then you must be able to sell the dream and value proposition at all levels.  You are only able to pass this on to others when you have mastered this yourself.