Top 3 social media networks for entrepreneurs

Social media has quickly become one of the best ways to stay up to date on topics that interest and inspire you. Today many social networks provide platforms to help you learn, share ideas and advance your career and business.

Here are our top 3 social media networks every entrepreneur should join:

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers many resources for entrepreneurs, such as groups with like-minded persons. It is advisable for entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to brand themselves properly so they can attract the right kind of business opportunities, service providers or partners.

  • Twitter

Twitter is without a doubt one of the best ways entrepreneurs can keep up to date with business trends and topics, provided they follow the right accounts. Many successful entrepreneurs from Steve Forbes to Richard Branson, share entrepreneurship tips worth following through their Twitter feeds on a regularly basis.

  • Facebook

Facebook groups and pages make it easy to connect with tons of business owners and entrepreneurs who are eager to share ideas and resources with you. Entrepreneurs Gh, a popular Ghanaian entrepreneurship Facebook group has over 1,000 members who constantly share tips and resources with each other.