Make your meetings more productive

Running meetings successfully is a crucial skill to master in getting things done efficiently and getting everyone on the same page. Here are a few reminders for having productive meetings, that don’t drag and waste everyone’s time.

Have a focused agenda

Always ensure you have a clear agenda and a desired outcome for every meeting you have to attend…always! It will be useful to share the agenda with all participants before the meeting. This helps everyone to come prepared and keeps the meeting on track and is especially important for meetings that are held routinely such as weekly team meetings etc. It also helps to keep meetings on time and as short as possible so everyone can get back to their work.

Have actionable items

It is important to leave every meeting being clear about everyone’s responsibilities from the decisions made, what exactly they are expected to do and the timelines for execution.
Use collaborative tools instead

Not every meeting needs to be physical. Considering the traffic situation within the city, one could easily spend 2 hours to and from a 30 minute meeting in town. You can skip the traffic and take advantage of tools such as Skype, Google hangout, Gotomeeting etc for your meetings. These tools also work great for internal meetings and project collaborations.