Is Social Media Marketing Relevant?

Social media advertising is very relevant, and increasingly, both small and large corporations or businesses are adopting this method of advertising. Here are 3 reasons why it’s so important:

1. It helps raise some awareness or visibility for your brands, products or services.

2. Targeting is more specific as social media can be used to specifically focus on the customer group or audience an organisation wishes to do business with. For example, an organisation can use Facebook advertising to target female customers within a specific age bracket in a particular region or location. This is known as geo-targeting. This is something which is usually not available with TV or Radio.

3. Social media advertising can also be measured easily. It is possible for organisations to determine, how many times the advert was displayed (impressions), how many people followed your organisation or like your organisation etc. The fact that these can be measured makes it more interesting as it allows for effective planing and setting of key social media objectives among others.

In conclusion, I will say one of the effective ways to achieve the most out of your social media advertising is to integrate it with some offline or traditional advertising either by using radio, TV or the newspapers and other publications and trade magazines. This integrated approach helps achieve a much greater impact. An organisation may wish not to consider this approach if it is satisfied that majority of its target audience spend a lot more time online than offline.