Have your customers coming back with these tips

It is important to note that an organisation cannot enjoy the loyalty of its customers if attention is not paid to the following areas:

Consumer rights

In an era where there seems to be increasing customer sophistication, organisations cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that our customers are so well exposed and informed. It is important we place a lot of premium on the rights of the customer. This will ensure we pay attention to issues such as right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose and the right to be heard. A customer who gets the sense you’re a listening organisation that respects and acknowledges his/her rights is more likely to do business with you repeatedly.

Customer expectations

The expectations of customers change if they experience a competing brand or a substitute product or service. They often judge you after experiencing something new. It is important for you to continually pay attention to the changing expectations of your customers and strive to meet these expectations if you are to improve your customers’ loyalty levels.

Customer satisfaction

Improving customer loyalty also requires that you satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. To satisfy your customers with the aim of getting them to remain loyal means you also need to pay attention to some basics. For instance, it will be good to pay attention to how orders are processed, the quality levels of our products and services, after sales care or support, how easy it was for the customer to purchase, the speed with which complaints are dealt with as well as delivering on your brand promise. All of these will ensure that your customers are satisfied and compel a majority of them to stick with your brands and services even if the competition opens shop across the street or next door.

In concluding, customer loyalty should be worked at from a more strategic perspective as it helps guarantee some great cash flows for the organisation whiles retaining your customers. Remember it is always cheaper to maintain your existing customers than acquire new ones.