Do this to up your game at your next presentation

No matter what business you’re in, you will have to do some form of presentation at a point. Here are a few tips that could help when preparing for your next big presentation. The idea is to capture the audience’s attention and be as clear and concise as possible in delivering your key message.
“Don’t make a speech, put on a show”
This is what Paul Arden, author of  It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be, advises when it comes to giving memorable presentations.
People love a good story especially ones they can emotionally connect to. You can also ask leading questions, or even give some exciting news. The idea is to use your words and images in a way that gets people’s attention.

Use animated presentations
Online software such as Prezi, Powtoons, Visme and several others are great for animating your presentations and making them you out. My personal favourite, Prezi, is a virtual and interactive mindmap, so it’s great for creating an image in the minds of your audience that tells your story. Powtoons help to create animated videos out of your slides. Photography sites such as Pixabay provide lots of free royalty-free images that can enhance your presentations.

However you choose to present your work or yourself to your audience, always remember you’re better off giving simple, clear statements delivered effectively. The bulk of your content can be made available for review or further reading after the presentation. I’ll conclude with another Paul Arden advice; “In stead of giving people the benefit of your wit and wisdom (words), try painting them a picture. The more strikingly visual your presentation is, the more people will remember it.