Am I being too nice to my team?

How do I maintain a cordial relationship with the team I supervise while ensuring that they perform?

You can do this by setting clear boundaries by letting the team know what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. You must also not blur the line by trying to be too familiar with your team, it makes it difficult for you to manage them and discipline them when required.

Setting goals and targets, giving regular feedback is key. Appraising performance as well as rewarding and acknowledging those who perform well and supporting those who may not be doing well to improve is also important.

You also need to be fair but firm and discipline when it is necessary. I would suggest you also implement some basic team incentives to increase a healthy internal team competition necessary for all effective teams.

You can have team building activities that are fun while ensuring that a cordial relationship is maintained and the team bond is strengthened.


This post was Anita Wiafe-Asinor’s (CEO of OML Africa) response to the question above on Quest; a Q&A forum for the business community