Am I being too nice to my team?

How do I maintain a cordial relationship with the team I supervise while ensuring that they perform? You can do this by setting clear boundaries by letting the team know what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. You must also not blur the line by trying to be too familiar with your team, it makes Read more about Am I being too nice to my team?[…]

What do investors look out for?

Investors invest to achieve some level of financial return on their investment.  In this sense, the business must have the ability to deliver the return expectation or at least present such evidence.  Investors are likely to first check and validate that there is a market opportunity, that there is growth, and also that the business Read more about What do investors look out for?[…]

Assessing character during interviews

You can assess character with behaviour scenario questions where you create a scenario and ask the candidate to explain how they would deal with situation or what they think of the scenario. You assess based on their answers. A personality assessment will also give you a good insight into the person’s character and possible culture Read more about Assessing character during interviews[…]

Why competition is good for your business

Competition in a business is inevitable. Sooner or later another player comes along and changes the game. Depending on your industry, competitor activity can be really frustrating and difficult to keep tabs on. Then again, if your competition is a big player they can easily sink your efforts.  Inspite of these, a competitive environment has Read more about Why competition is good for your business[…]

When does marketing hurt your business?

Most startups these days covet exposure and media coverage, as this has many perks – from branding and referral traffic to SEO. But can this harm a startup, especially if the timing is not right? Here are some thoughts from some of Ghana’s rising experts and entrepreneurs. “Untimely exposure and marketing can be detrimental to the growth of a Read more about When does marketing hurt your business?[…]