3 social media tips for startup companies

Success stories of companies, such as Airbnb, show that effective social media strategies have some significance in a startup company’s growth. By taking a unique approach at the time, and engaging with their clients on Facebook and Twitter, Airbnb has been able to create a very solid community. Their sales, operations, and customer service teams are all socially coherent.

Social media can help brand your business and create lasting relationships with your customers, if used properly. As a startup, you might want to explore key components in using social media to get the word out about your startup.

Here are 3 social media tips to help you get started:

  • Develop a social media strategy

Before you go ahead creating social media profiles, you need to thoroughly think of a strategy that will help you achieve your business goals and objectives. You also need to think of your target audience, and how you would like to been perceived online.

  • Choose the right social channels for your startup

Consider important factors that can help you find the right social network for your business. These factors include the nature of your business, the target age group of your clients and the location of your business. For example, if your startup revolves around marketing products or services to different age groups, Facebook ads or promoted tweets on Twitter might be your first choice.

  • Monitor your social media strategy regularly

Startup companies can get inundating as they grow. Thus, come up with a social media management plan to help you schedule regular checks for all your social channels. This enables you to maintain a steady presence online. Tools like Hootsuite’s Grade Your Social  assess your Twitter presence. You also get to receive reports on your reach, engagement and profile strength.