ServLed pilots Ideation Lab concept in Ghana

ServLed launched a pilot of its Ideation Lab concept in January with Nuewell, a company focused on creating productivity and financial solutions for small and growing businesses (SGBs) in emerging markets.

The objective of the Ideation Lab is to increase the success rate of startups through the following:

1.  Launching businesses with experienced/serial entrepreneurs and managers

2.  Guiding the idea validation process using proven methodologies and frameworks

3.  Partnering with industry to seed the idea bank, thereby ensuring ready markets/value chains for ideas that succeed

4. Ensuring that the startup teams are adequately resourced (human, social and financial capital) to develop their idea

The Nuewell team is made up of co-founders Anne Nutsuklo (formerly Amuzu) co-founder and previous CEO of Nandimobile and Enyonam Kakane, former general manager of Atlantic Computers.

The team’s flagship product will be “mySMEPortal”.  More to come about Nuewell and their progress.