How to sell your product or service

If it is true that in life nothing happens unless something is sold, then that makes sales one of the most critical skills every person should have especially as a business person, or what do you think?  In business, there are two types of products to be sold: tangible products (products you can see, touch, feel, or smell….) and intangible products being the type that you can not touch and see or feel/smell usually referred to as services.  It is difficult to lump these two categories together to discuss how you can sell them because each category requires a different approach or strategy – but this will give you a guide on how to approach each of them. Our goal is to discover how you can make it easy for people to buy from you.

In our previous article, a guide to developing your value proposition, we discussed and brought up the use of the business model canvas.  After understanding our key customer segments (the most important customers we are creating value for), we have to move on to also understand the type of relationships each of our customer segments expect to establish/maintain with us and then finally we look at the channels through which our customers would like to be reached.

Here are a few tips to help you make it easy for people to buy your product or service.

Sell the value

Most purchase decisions are emotionally based and not at all made by logic. When you meet people, rather than just telling them the name of your company and your position – tell it in a way that emotionally connects with them so they understand how they can bring business your way.  Remember products/services are supposed to alleviate a pain that a customer has, so use your limited time with a prospect by telling them how your product/service solves a problem that s/he or those in their network may have.  Rather than introduce yourself as Kojo from RPK Travel Agency, how about you say, “I am Kojo and l help my clients get the cheapest fares and fastest connections and avoid queues on their travels”.

Let your brand exude confidence

Remember the last time someone paid you a compliment on your new Smartphone, or shoes or even the MBA degree you earned (in the case of a non-tangible) – how did that make you feel? Perhaps you went on to even tell the person about the brand if it wasn’t so obvious.  Because purchase decisions are emotional and part of your customer’s need is to feel good by the purchase they make, businesses must find out how they can feed into this need of their customers by creating a brand that exudes confidence in buyers.