How to sell your product or service

If it is true that in life nothing happens unless something is sold, then that makes sales one of the most critical skills every person should have especially as a business person, or what do you think?  In business, there are two types of products to be sold: tangible products (products you can see, touch, Read more about How to sell your product or service[…]

How to create a brand image that works for you

Building a brand image – the perception people have of your company/ product or service is an important activity that cannot be overlooked. This perception may or may not be reflective of the reality and therefore deliberate effort is needed to build the right brand image. Everything you do as an entrepreneurwill ultimately add or Read more about How to create a brand image that works for you[…]

Guide to developing your value proposition

“I have an idea” – You will be surprised to know how many times we hear this phrase on any given day at our Startup Accelerator. It is said that entrepreneurswho are married to their ideas are likely to fail; this is because ideas by themselves don’t do much. Usually, the problem with being married Read more about Guide to developing your value proposition[…]

3 reasons why you need a marketing strategy

Having a marketing strategy is vital for every business. It involves identifying who the target market for your product is (for instance adult male, teens, etc) and segmenting them into groups according to their needs using characteristics such as geographical location, demographic factors (age, gender, social class, occupation etc) or psycho-graphic factors (values, beliefs, culture Read more about 3 reasons why you need a marketing strategy[…]

3 negotiation skills to master

Negotiation skills, like the ability to sell, must be mastered by all successful professionals.  In all spheres of live, we are constantly negotiating with or selling to others (whether it is with our spouse, children, co-workers, bosses, clients etc).  A lot has been written about negotiation skills in recent times, but I find the following Read more about 3 negotiation skills to master[…]