5 tips for securing favorable bank loans

Getting a bank loan approved is not the easiest process. However,  the current economic situation and increasing loan defaults means that lenders are even more cautious in advancing credit. This has also had a knock-on effect in raising the cost of credit. Presenting the ‘perfect package’ for appraisal is therefore crucial if you are to obtain a favourable bank loan.

Let’s check out 5 things that can help you prepare the ‘perfect package’.


  • Be certain of what you need

What type of financing do you require and how much? If you are looking to finance an asset purchase for instance, will you require additional working capital to maximise the asset? You also need to look at what rates you can realistically afford and your plan for paying off the facility as quickly as possible. Thinking through and documenting these considerations will help you present a better case for financing.


  • Do your research

When you want a loan, don’t just go with your bank. Shop around other banks and even non-bank financial institutions to see what the competition is offering. It is quite rare to find loan packages online in Ghana so talk to loan officers in different financial institutions and see what concessions you could wring. If you eventually decide to go with your bank, having this information puts you in a stronger bargaining position to negotiate favourable loan terms.


  • Plan the entire process

Planning ahead for a facility is a must. Create a checklist to help you gather the information that the bank requires as incomplete applications are almost certain to be refused. Bills of laden / pro-forma invoices, significant contracts, financial statements, guarantor’s letter and bank statements, director’s ID cards, regulator’s certificate (where applicable) etc are some of the documents banks in Ghana will request for.