Financial Planning for business success

A larger proportion of businesses fail as a result of lack of cashflow than any other reason.  This is the key reason making sound decisions about money is so relevant if your business is to succeed.   Almost every decision businesses make will result in either money flowing into the business or flowing out and Read more about Financial Planning for business success[…]

5 tips for securing favorable bank loans

Getting a bank loan approved is not the easiest process. However,  the current economic situation and increasing loan defaults means that lenders are even more cautious in advancing credit. This has also had a knock-on effect in raising the cost of credit. Presenting the ‘perfect package’ for appraisal is therefore crucial if you are to Read more about 5 tips for securing favorable bank loans[…]

How do I protect my business idea from being stolen

While two or more people may have the same business idea, idea theft is a possibility; so here are certain key things you can do to prevent your business ideas from being stolen.   Avoid revealing too much about your business Do not share every detail of how your product/service works. People can only know as Read more about How do I protect my business idea from being stolen[…]